Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Ode To Ghosts

Ghosts  of  a  mind's  delusion
Ghosts  of  a  hand's  creation
Ghosts  of  a  scared  heart
Ghosts  of  a  betrayed trust
Ghosts  of  a  lost honor
Ghosts  of a  false demeanor
Ghosts  of a  pile of lies
Ghosts  of an unreasonable rejection
Ghosts  of an infinite detention
Ghosts of  a   deceived  soul
Ghosts of  an unbearable pain
Ghosts  of  a  half-asleep world
Ghosts  of an irrational myth
Ghosts  of a ruined  intuition

Ghosts are points of reason a terrified brain creates to feel the tragedy and anguish again and over again in a heartbeat

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