Saturday, June 4, 2011


How can I say I am fine when nothing's fine
How can I care when everything I cared for isn't here
How can I sing  when I have lost everything
How can I be strong when I am bleeding my life out 
How can I say I am happy when happiest moments of my life were all fake 
How can I be intelligent when I have always been victim of deceit and betrayal 
How can I feel belonged when I don't fit anywhere
How can I tell my darkest fears when I know everyone will mock
How can I say I am awake when half of my world is asleep 
How can I dream when I fear closing eyes shutting out all memories
How can I feel love when I am stone-cold
How can I code that not even ruins remain of highest wall ever build
How can I say I don't even know or remember who i really was 
How can I state coldness, darkness & solitude as my best friends forever or worst enemies forever
How can be my life a more hell
How can this cloud's destruction lead to even darkest night darker than eclipse
How come it was me ,
Why me of all 6 million people
Just answer why? 

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes we get the wrong call,

    latter we feel it made for our fall,

    fall in the deep ocean of pain,

    where life caught in one's nasty gain,

    wounded hopes lied on ground,

    dying dreams without sound,

    dark clouds over the head,

    rain of tears fading all the shade,

    never live in the past,

    leave the pain it's last,

    don't melts your life,

    for this human paradise,

    don't give up the hope,

    always find new scope,

    the mistake is life,

    blood comes from knife,

    the ray of life comes,

    after the deadly dark night,

    happiness blooms in sunshine,

    the ray kills dark regime,

    you are born to shine,

    you are the part of divine,

    open the wings of dream,

    you can fly,

    you can lead the word,

    who leaved you to die,

    but dreams never lie,

    the future open his arms,

    waiting brighten world all the time,

    arise again its your time,

    you will bright,

    like the sunshine,

    i believe you are angel of divine.....