Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Song

World dumped me
Took me over agian
Not as an afraid child who needs to hold a hand
To keep from falling
But as a bold, furistic robot who is stone cold to fears
Of a mortal life
I have died
& I die every minute over & over again
But none seem to notice
Those who notice pretend like it never happened
None wants to see the darkness beneath the budding flower
None wants to treat wounds and heal scars
I am used & made a victim of deceit and betrayal
Only to be awaken each morning in infinite cold
If only a heart could see the death
If only eyes could unlock the darkest secrets

I WISH IF ONLY..........

An Ode To Ghosts

Ghosts  of  a  mind's  delusion
Ghosts  of  a  hand's  creation
Ghosts  of  a  scared  heart
Ghosts  of  a  betrayed trust
Ghosts  of  a  lost honor
Ghosts  of a  false demeanor
Ghosts  of a  pile of lies
Ghosts  of an unreasonable rejection
Ghosts  of an infinite detention
Ghosts of  a   deceived  soul
Ghosts of  an unbearable pain
Ghosts  of  a  half-asleep world
Ghosts  of an irrational myth
Ghosts  of a ruined  intuition

Ghosts are points of reason a terrified brain creates to feel the tragedy and anguish again and over again in a heartbeat