Friday, September 2, 2011


 Wishing upon a falling star
Wishing in legendary lotus temple
Wishing for a  long lost miracle rebound
Wishing an answer for my prayer

Wishing a cue in the unsolved dark mystery
surrounding the famous drowned treasure history
Wishing for a guiding angel to help tread upon the forbidden path 
Wishing so hope of thy deceived soul can return
Wishing going was not meant to be forever
Wishing for sun to blaze again

Wishing  dark sky to turn to bluest of fairy tales
Wishing themes of fairyland to come alive true in real life
Wishing for decisions taken in real time to be perfect
Wishing for life to finally turn a  new leaf
Wishing for loser-pretending-winner  to become a victor
Wishing a sad-smiling-go-to be the happiest widest grin ever flashed

1 comment:

  1. Wishing you so many gloried future moments...but not too far in the future. :)